Sports and Recreation


Our experience in sports and recreational projects includes NCAA venues, and joint venture projects between university and professional teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and Missouri Western State University.  Ellison Auxier has the strong track record of creating sports and recreation facilities that meet the needs of both the serious athlete and the casual fitness enthusiast.  At Ellison Auxier Architects we began transforming sports and recreational centers in the early 1970’s and yet those early designs continue to draw people in their communities today.

We have worked in collaborative efforts with numerous cities, counties and citizen committees to design sports and recreational facilities that provide safe and enjoyable experiences for residents and the youth of our communities.  Collaborating with our client’s we listen, understand and adapt to deliver the recreational facility our client’s want.

With our full list of services from master planning, to Architecture, engineering and design, our team works to reflect the spirit and character of each sports and recreation project with aesthetically pleasing, functionally sound, and cost-effective environments that enrich the lives of those who experience them.

Recreation centers are the heart of activity for the citizens of a community.  To build a state-of-the-art sport or recreational facility that is affordable and accessible to all, offers a variety of leisure, wellness, competitive, and instructional opportunities while serving as an appealing gathering spot for residents is our goal. Ellison-Auxier Architects sports and recreational facilities are functional, state of the art and cost effective.  We are committed to work with you and your committee to design a facility that will reflect your vision.

“We chose Ellison Auxier because they were willing to work with us before we had our financing together.  They could see that we were committed to the project and in turn, we were committed to them to do our project”.

Nick Zimmer – Director, YMCA