Faith Based / Non-Profit


Ellison-Auxier Architects believes current worship practices are diverse, and that your place of worship is a unique expression of celebration.   Whether your facility will reflect a traditional form or can incorporate the new, creative elements of modern architecture, our team has the elite skills needed to plan, program and design your place of worship.  Our clients benefit from the wisdom gained through years of experience.

Here is what we offer to our faith based or non-profit clients –

When you set out on your building project there can be challenges and complex issues to deal with.  We welcome the role of advocate.

Who you choose to work with is critical to your projects success.  Placing a premium on collaboration and on resolving problems early builds productive partnerships, reducing cost risk and schedule risk – all to the client’s benefit.

We’ve built our firm on openness and transparency bringing information in the process early.  Project cost, schedule and quality all improve. Information gets shared more freely. Problems get identified and resolved promptly.  Transparency is necessary to align the whole team of consultants, subcontractors and construction professionals around achieving our client’s goals.  Over and over, we find that relationships based on trust reduce project risks.

Accountability – Our goal is to be your best advocate for your project, to have a clear picture of the desired finished project, and recognize the milestones that have to be reached.  We are good stewards of your time and resources.  We believe our over 100 years of experience gives us the skills to overcome your project’s inevitable obstacles.  In a word, we are accountable.

“Ellison Auxier has just been wonderful for us and has done the things that have made everything up to this point just an unbelievably wonderful project”.

 Russell Stanley – Huffman United Methodist Church