The world of education for K-12 students today is significantly different than it was for their parents and grandparents. Today, K-12 schools should feature effective interactions of small groups of students within communal spaces. Schools will be anything but one-size-fits all. Their physical spaces will reflect their specialization and needs.  They will be part of multiuse buildings and will shed the imagery of permanent government buildings meant to awe. They will become engaging structures aimed at stimulating creativity.  Instead of a one-size-fits-all schoolhouse consisting of corridors with rectangular classrooms running along either side, an educational facility may have a variety of spaces designed to accommodate the varied instructional strategies of teachers and learning styles of students.  Ellison Auxier Architects focus on accommodating the learning modes and environments that incorporate those insights into the designs of school facilities.

At Ellison Auxier Architects our K-12 school facilities could have a student center design in mind, one that is flexible and incorporates technology.  With the focus on the student being able to learn anywhere, the buildings K-12 schools we design are to be energy efficient, buildings that teach, buildings that are secure.  It’s what we call “next-gen schools”.  Our experience in cutting edge STEM and STEAM facilities, library design, and integrated academic buildings promotes academic success among students.

Savannah School District, Cameron School District and the Saint Joseph School District will tell you that Ellison-Auxier Architects goes beyond the normal capacities of an architectural firm.  We’ve helped get bond issues passed by working closely with a school board or committee personnel.  It’s about providing personal service, practical ideas, and cost effective solutions to address building functionality in a learning environment.

“I highly recommend the firm of Ellison Auxier Architects for any school projects that you may be considering. I have found them to be highly client-oriented and communicative during all phases of our building projects. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our work together”.

Chris Silcott
Director of Operations
St Joe School District