Historic buildings often have unique designs, materials, and construction methods that require specialization.  Ellison Auxier has a rich history of work on preservation and restoration projects, and has received multiple awards for preservation and renovation, excellence in construction, and historic preservation. We specialize in the preservation and conservation of historic buildings and monuments, restoring these buildings and monuments in order to prevent their deterioration.

Ellison-Auxier Architects provides all scales of preservation and renovation service.  Our highly skilled team remains committed to bringing craftsmanship and techniques that respect a structure’s history and allow us to be its responsible stewards. Even if the public will never know the careful, precise work done to restore a facade, replace deteriorating concrete or find the perfectly matched brick, we take pride in doing things the right way every single time.

Our typical process for a restoration-preservation project is to meet with clients or project managers to discuss the objectives and requirements of a preservation restoration project.  From there we prepare and present feasibility reports and design proposals to the client.  We provide our client’s with advice concerning the practicality of the project, and how to operate within budgetary and timeline restrictions.  We will produce detailed drawings and specifications of the project such as the nature, cost and quality of materials needed.  The team at Ellison Auxier will coordinate with contractors and various other professionals to help achieve our client’s goals.

Through project conception, planning, and architectural design we renovate and restore heritage buildings creating a functional, efficient building.

“Ellison Auxier is skilled at renovating old buildings which is what we needed.  Our library was built in 1902, and today it looks and functions like a totally modern public library.” 

Mary Beth Revels – Director of St. Joseph Public Library