Commercial Design


Where can you find a commercial architect who will offer client liaison, design coordination and project management? – Ellison Auxier Architects.

We’ve built our firm on openness and transparency bringing information in the process early. As a result of early and ongoing communication, project costs, schedules and design all improve. Information gets shared more freely. Problems get identified and resolved promptly.  Transparency is necessary to align the whole team of consultants, subcontractors and construction professionals around achieving our client’s goals.  Over and over, we find that transparency and communication reduce project risks.

Each project is unique and each customer has specific goals.  Besides the need for excellent communication, commercial projects also have a lot of moving parts. From design documents, to state and local codes and specific structural challenges, you need an experienced team to take all those moving parts and synthesize them into a cohesive design which meets the project needs.  Ellison Auxier creates comprehensive, vision-driven plans.  It starts with your vision that takes into consideration the many factors specific to your Commercial facility, including your overall goals, new site analysis or an assessment of existing buildings (if needed), a utilization and space needs study, design concepts for proposed new construction, and cost estimates.  Our comprehensive, client-based services are designed to ensure an efficient project from start to finish.

Businesses and organizations are choosing Ellison Auxier Architects because they require premium quality and customized solutions for their commercial project. Whether the requirement is for a new office space, hospital, retail outlet, restaurant, distribution center or sports facility – Ellison Auxier can handle your commercial project.

 “Herzog has done a whole myriad of projects with Ellison Auxier, our latest office building for example.  If you have a building project that you need architectural services for, I recommend Ellison Auxier Architects.”   Kenny Newville, Civil Engineer, Herzog